Executive Counsel

I am here to listen. Really listen. Whether you need an objective observer, facilitator, evaluator, fact finder, trainer, extra pair of hands, or another set of eyes, I am at your service to help you find the clearest path to success.

I am accessible, flexible and responsive to your needs and your schedule. If you are working weekends, so am I.

Perhaps most importantly, I am honest and forthright. You can trust me to deliver the hard truths and help you find the power and potential in those truths.

Case Studies

RFP Support

I have helped organizations win hundreds of millions of dollars in business through the RFP process.

Far from being a necessary evil to winning new business, managed well, RFPs can be a valuable diagnostic tool – providing valuable feedback on how your services and offerings measure up to what the market wants now and where it’s headed in the future.

The Broadthinking approach helps your team:

  • Prepare for it
  • Evaluate it
  • Break it down into manageable parts
  • Shape response strategy
  • Lend support to the (often frustrating) writing and editing process.

Case Studies

Solution Design

Based on highly collaborative group work that combines the creative with the analytical, solution design is a useful tool for analyzing and improving your products and services.

The Broadthinking approach is challenging, high energy and hands-on. Think: “Supported, guided tours out of your comfort zone.”

The benefits:

  • Ideas that are effective, applicable and implementable
  • Employees that are more focused, engaged and connected in mission, and
  • Insights into future possibilities and opportunities

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Meeting Facilitation

Growth and change require frequently checking in with your team, but it may be time to refresh the way you conduct meetings.

Signs your meetings are losing effectiveness:

  • Nobody is sure what the meeting is for
  • Important peoplefail to show up
  • The usual suspects compete for all of the attention
  • Nobody is willing to tell the truth

Use Broadthinking to break the pattern.

A brainstorming meeting should look very different from a roundtable meeting, or a classroom-style meeting, or a lecture.

If you’re still meeting with the same people, in the same way, you are missing opportunities to improve productivity.

Case Studies

Presentation Coaching

Presenting persuasively and moving people into action are teachable skills that can improve your entire organization – not just your senior leadership team.

If PowerPoint presentations are the extent of your team’s ability to communicate an idea, you are probably not connecting well with your audience and missing opportunities to sell your message.

Broadthinking offers workshops and individual coaching sessions on how to design, script and deliver more memorable presentations through storytelling and the use of persuasive techniques. This training is ideal for senior leadership, government relations and regulatory staff, provider network contracting and provider relations staff.


  • More confidence in speaking publicly in front of any group of any size
  • More compelling presentations
  • More effective use of slide decks
  • Beyond the presentation – more confidence in networking and building relationships

 Case Studies

Stakeholder Insight

How often do you and your team regularly fail the Proximity to the Customer Test – the degree of separation between you and your customers?

This lack of connection leads to a lack of understanding – and it impacts your bottom line. It’s why expensive marketing efforts fail to deliver, why your customer satisfaction survey scores are low and one of the main reasons your team is feeling disengaged.

Let me help you reconnect.

Through guided field trips, stakeholder meet-ups, and other activities designed to get your team out of the office and into the community, Broadthinking can deliver powerful experiences that will:

  • Deepen the connection between your team and the community they serve
  • Improve employee buy-in to organizational changes
  • Reduce consumer and employee churn
  • Improve quality and customer satisfaction scores

Case Studies