Working with Ashley & Broadthinking

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Ashley keeps you focused. She doesn’t only drive the business result you try to achieve, but also tries to connect you to the bigger impact you are making in society by sharing real stories of your product or service. She is willing to ask the hard questions and challenge you if you are taking the easy road, instead of the correct road that requires hard work by you and your team.

Senior HR executive for national healthcare consulting firm

When we’ve needed quality work done quickly and efficiently, Ashley is the one we turn to. She’s intimately familiar with our rapidly changing environment and has a knack for asking thought-provoking questions that get us thinking creatively. She pushes you and your team to the next level.

President & CEO for non-profit health and human services organization

Ashley demands authenticity equally from herself and her colleagues and clients. She sees the world in terms of possibilities and potential, which enables her to create vision where others cannot. She filters and synthesizes better than anyone I know. She can take all the pieces of data and reflect them back to the audience in a very clear and relatable way.

VP Strategic Initiatives for national healthcare consulting firm

Ashley thinks big. And I think she gets there by doing a fundamental thing that seems simple and obvious, but is in fact very rare in business and strategy today: she listens.

She has the ability to process in real-time with honest feedback. She breaks down seemingly unsolvable challenges into bites-size pieces, and help clients come up with a solution that isn’t necessarily the obvious answer, or the easy way out, but is the right approach.

Dir. Business Development for national healthcare consulting firm

What you see is what you get. She doesn’t hide behind consulting jargon. She’s not a poser. She recognizes when you (or she) is sounding inauthentic and is unafraid to hit the pause button. She gives real, honest feedback. I think Einstein said that you don’t know something unless you can explain it to your grandmother – Ashley can. She can do a board presentation or sketch out a project plan with equal proficiency. She’s a good team player who doesn’t care who gets the credit.

Senior Vice President Fortune 500 healthcare company

Ashley knows what she knows. More importantly, she knows what she doesn’t know. She takes the time to fill in those blanks. She asks questions, listens to the answers, challenges the accuracy/veracity of those answers (when appropriate), and then-she thinks. Her responses will help you deal with your actual issue, not something tangential or illusory.

Government Affairs Lobbyist